ARTIST OF THE MONTH Hokusai "The Great Wave"

This month's kit will be shipped directly to your home (Shipping is included in the price). Date of shipment is June 24th. PLEASE TYPE YOUR ADDRESS INTO THE "ADD A NOTE" BOX IN YOUR SHOPPING CART. Each kit will contain a biography on the artist, this month’s artist is Hokusai the famous Japanese printmaker.  You are probably familiar with his most popular print "The Great Wave of Kanagawa". This month we will recreate his print in 3D using a Watercolor Painting and paper quilling. (Quilling is a form of art that has been used throughout history all over the world). As well as the biography, the kit will contain all the materials needed to create the project and a step by step guide (includes colorful photos) for your child to use. This month’s kit will include

1. Shipping box

2. Paint palette containing the watercolor paints that you need for the painting

3. Watercolor Paper

4. Construction Paper

5. Tacky Glue

6. Wooden Skewers

7. Clay 

8. Paintbrush set

9. Practice paper

10, Set of step by step instructions 

11. Biography of the Artist

  • All sales final


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Atwater, California