Each kit will contain a biography on one artist, this month’s artist is Gustav Klimt (you may know his most famous painting “The Kiss”.  I love his work, it is full of luxurious paint colors and his use of metallic gold paint is gorgeous.  As well as the biography, the kit will contain all the materials needed to create a piece of art in the style of the artist and a step by step guide (includes photos) for you child to use.  This month’s kit will include

1.     11 x 17 piece of chip board 

2.     2 pots of metallic acrylic paint

3.     1 pot each of cream and black acrylic paint

4.     Permanent marker

5.     Gold and metallic papers

6.     Colored papers

7.     Sequins

8.     School glue

9.     Paint palette

10.   Biography

11.   Step by step instructions

Pick up will be in the McSwain neighborhood of Atwater. Info will be emailed the day of purchase.

Inspire Students will receive an email with details of delivery.


    Smartypants Art Studio

    Atwater, California