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 about the studio 

The original Smartypants started back in 2010 in a tiny home studio when its founder, Dawn Bankson, had an idea of creating a unique place where children could learn about the visual arts.  With her background in Early Childhood Education and love for the arts,  she was able to create lessons that not only taught art but encouraged the social, intellectual, and emotional growth of her students. 

In January of 2019, Dawn decided to move the studio to Downtown Merced.  The new  studio is a brightly lit and safe space where children learn to explore art, create, and express themselves.  Each child is given the opportunity to take part in socialization through fun activities where they make friends and lasting memories. 

In addition to the children's classes offered Smartypants now offers adult workshops.  This is an opportunity for the grown-ups to learn new techniques and at the same time, have a fun night out with friends.  Whether it is learning to weave or creating a Fall decoration for your home, evening classes at the studio are always fun.

 about the instructor 

Dawn Bankson has been teaching art for over 20 years.  She has taught in private and public schools and has been running her own Children's Art studio for 9 years. 

As well as running the studio, Dawn is a mother to 2 adult children.  In her spare time Dawn loves to travel with her husband, spend time in her garden, and loves cooking for family and friends. 

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 about the photographer & website designer 

Sara Theodozio is a fourth year Ag Business student attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  Her passion for photography began in the beginning of her college career, where she would take fun photos of her friends, family, and her college town of San Luis Obispo.  Now, it has evolved into a full time position as the head photographer for the Cal Poly College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences Deans Office.

Sara has been home for the summer helping redesign this website and take photos of several classes.  As her school year begins she will be in Merced less,  but still try to photograph as many sessions as she can when she comes home for breaks.

Sara loves photography and designing websites.  If you ever need a redesigned website or family photos, she's the one to call!

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