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Smartypants Art Studio is a safe space where children learn to explore art, create, and express themselves.  We help with the socialization of your child through fun activities where they will make friends and lasting memories.  If you've had a memorable time at Smartypants Art Studio, let us know!  

Here's what some of our past and current parents have to say about us:


"We LOVE Smartypants Art Studio! Its such a fun place for kids in Merced! So many creative ideas!"  

- Emily Ward Saldivar (Mommy and Me)

"Our son loved his art classes at Smartypants! The instructor and owner Dawn is an amazing teacher who has the ability to find the artist and love for art in all students no matter their prior skill set. Her style of instruction allows her to teach about an artist or style of art while giving the students the confidence and freedom to still express their own individuality. This artist confidence has allowed him to express his style throughout all aspects of his life."

- Jeana Rohrer Gossett (Mom of Hunter, Level 2)

"We love Process Art and we love Dawn even more.  Age appropriate activities, appropriate expectations, and higher-order thinking skills through brainstorming, planning, and producing.  Save my kid his same spot, please."  

- Sandra Lee (Mom of Liam, Process Art)

"My kids look forward to their weekly classes with Ms. Dawn. She inspires their creativity, encourages their intriguing questions and teaches them art techniques they will treasure forever.  Smartypants art studio is a true treasure in our community.  This is a great space for everyone from kids to adults to explore their creativity and develop techniques to become unique artists."  

- Karla Seijas (Mom of Level 1 Student)

How has Smartypants Art Studio impacted you or your child's life?
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